Brain Droppings
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This is cooler than I thought it was going to be

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❝ I’m almost never serious, and I’m always too serious. Too deep, too shallow. Too sensitive, too cold hearted. I’m like a collection of paradoxes. ❞

Ferdinand von Schrubentaufft (via loveyourchaos)

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❝ Well, love was kind for a time, now it just aches and it makes me blind ❞

— Mumford & Sons

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This has been my jam lately

best thing ever made

best thing ever made

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If I ever have twins I’m naming them Phil and Lil

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❝ That’s the trouble with loving a wild thing: You’re always left watching the door. ❞

—  Edith Pattou, East (via loveyourchaos)

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Nothing Even Matters — Lauryn Hill feat. D’Angelo

This song brings me to a good place



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❝ My spirit was long ago
in lonely places. ❞

— Charles Bukowski  (via fawnes)

❝ You’ll meet her. She’s very pretty, even though sometimes she’s sad for many days at a time. You’ll see, when she smiles, you’ll love her. ❞

— Pan’s Labryrinth (via loveyourchaos)

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